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COVID-19 Guidance We Follow

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  • 22-06-2021
COVID-19 Guidance We Follow

Taxi and Private Hire Westhill: COVID-19 Guidance We Follow

The taxi operators provide essential service for carrying people during emergencies. But have you ever thought about the maintenance of your health during the time of COVID-19? The team of Westhill Duncans Taxi have set some factors that would help them safeguard the health of the passengers during the pandemic. You should have a look at some guidelines to take care of the passengers during COVID-19.

1. Wear Mask 

At first our company says that passengers should wear face coverings or masks in the transport. Before taking a customer in the taxi, you should remember that wearing a mask is necessary. You should also remember that mask is a compulsory weapon against coronavirus. It can stop the bad breath from entering your body. Therefore, our team helps you use masks for prevention.

2. Installation of Protective Barriers

Safety is a priority for everyone, so our team always wants to manage the safety of our customer managing the installation of protective barriers in your taxi. The barriers can protect the passengers from various types of accidents and attacks. Crime and corruption are increasing day by day, so if you want to safeguard yourself from any type of attacks in vehicles, then choose safe transportation to reach your destination.

3. Social Distancing Method

If you are planning to maintain the safety during the pandemic, follow your safety and security by maintaining social distancing. Our team has managed the best way to maintain social distancing. We block the middle seat and the passenger's seats are arranged at the corner of the vehicle. If you choose private hire Westhill, you will automatically enjoy the ride without any trouble. Moreover, social distancing will also be maintained without any hassles.

4. Maintain the Safety and Hygiene

If you want to maintain the hygiene and safety in the transport, you should take possible measures. You may maintain hygiene and safety in the vehicle by following some tips: - We keep disposable tissues so that you don't catch coughs and sneezes from the car.  - Our team avoids cash payments and takes card payments so that social contact can be avoided during the COVID-19 pandemic. - - We maintain the ventilation and a clean recycling process in the vehicle to maintain hygiene. - Sanitizer is kept in the car so that frequent sanitization is done.

5. Check the Temperature Frequently

You may avoid the temperature checking because it might be irritating. But if you want to secure your health, you have to cooperate with our team because we check your temperature frequently. We check the temperature of every person who will be the passenger of our vehicle.

Final Thoughts

The situation of COVID-19 has created great trouble globally, especially in the transport system. So, if you want to avoid the problem, you can choose the transportation of Duncan Taxi, so that you can reach your destination in a safe way. Moreover, you may also take the help of our team to book the taxi. You may contact us at 01224 742 444 or you can visit our website to know more about us.